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[July 20 2006]
i never update because no one reads.
summer went by so fast.. schools coming right around the corner.
i hope it goes by fast.
i can't wait to grow the fuck up.
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[June 5 2006]
[ mood | accomplished ]

off to the beach tonight. staying in a hotel..
i think it will be another nice break from the hell at home.

the bahamas was amazing, i met so many amazing people.
i didn't want to leave :(

recorded a song with shawn yesterday, it went so good..
i think we will end up being partners and i'm really happy about it. (music partners)
i found something i like to do and i'm good at it :)

we are not dating.. haha he's gay.
i have like a million people asking me that. :P


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[May 2 2006]
Friends only :)

comment to be added.
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